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What is a Mini Micro Scooter for kids?

microkick scooter kid review

If you are looking for information on scooters for older kids (6 and older) this blog isn’t for you.  However, if you are thinking about buying your kid(s) scooters for the first and trying to figure out how to make sure they get something safe, fun, reliable and well made – then this is the place for you!    3 Silly Kids is a blog produced (with help) by Warren (5), Jasper (4) and Violet (4). In each post we try to give you the kids perspective of a toy through video and then the parents perspective of the same time.  This week we are reviewing the Mini Micro Scooter.

The mini micro scooter by MicroKick has some great features:

  • Solid Wheels (think the roller blade wheels…smooth and never break)
  • The handle bar comes off super easy for easy stowage for car trips
  • 3 Wheels for easy balance (3SillyKids) were using these by age three…
  • Fast
  • Rear break for stopping

Check out the 3SillyKids Review here…

This is perhaps the most used outdoor toy in our house.  We make the kids where helmets of course and there have been a few crashes (check out the video to see Jasper fall…don’t worry he was fine).  I love mini micro scooter infographicthese scooters because they enable me to go for a jog or walk with the kids (+2 to 3 miles) and they can easily keep up with me and love doing it on their scooters.   They seem to have no problem stopping at intersections and busy streets and are always able to jump off if they need to… When we head to the beach we can unsnap the handle bar and fit three of these in our trunk almost instantly…Consequently, if we have to choose between hauling the bikes or the scooters to a remote destination the mini micro scooters almost always come.

Warren’s Favorite thing:  Warren loves being able to break…he gets going really fast and then uses the break to stop over and over. He has a blue micro mini scooter and even after 3 years it is in solid shape. 

Jasper’s Favorite thing: Jasper loves all things orange…he has an orange scooter and that is his favorite thing.

Violet’s Favorite thing: Violet loves to decorate the scooter.  She takes ribbons from her bike and ties them to the handle bars of the scooter.


Parents Mini Micro Scooter Ratings

Educational4 or 10
Fitness9 of 10
Family Play7 of 10
Independent Play10 of 10
Value9 of 10
Overall10 of 10

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