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What is a good home Moonbounce for kids?

Moonbounce for Toddlers

3SillyKids purchased the Bounceland – Inflatable Pro-Racer Obstacle Moonbounce before Warren turned 3 and the Violet and Jasper were almost 2.  This has been a great home Moonbounce for Kids! After considering renting one from our county – we decided that the Moonbounce would pay for itself in 2 uses…  The 3SillyKids have used it probably 20-30 times in the past two years for birthday parties, play dates, block parties and just for fun.   The moonbounce takes approximately 15 minutes to setup and about 20 minutes to put away. We usually put a tarp underneath to keep from getting dirty.

Generally we will not put the Pro-Racer up if we don’t have more than a couple of hours to play as the kids tend to play for a while, go do something and come back to it multiple times.    We have not had to wash it yet – although it is getting close.  Remarkably it has kept its color and not faded despite hours in the hot sun.   The bounce house does require power to inflate.  While we expected a fair number of bumped heads – they have been few and far between despite lots of kids and lots of use.  We have had kids as old as 8 and young as 2 on the moonbounce without issue.

Bounceland – Inflatable Pro-Racer Moonbounce Features

  • Accommodates Lots of KidsBounce House for kids
  • Spans Age Ranges (safe for kids under 8 or 100 lbs)
  • Great for exercise
  • Supports imaginative games
  • Can add other things (like balls) to enhance
  • Can be setup by one smaller parent!
  • Good for parties and play dates
  • No Small Pieces to lose

Warren’s Favorite Thing: Warren likes to go backwards on the obstacle course.  He starts at the slide, runs up, jumps into the pillars and bounces out of the tunnels at the back.

Jasper’s Favorite Thing:  Jasper loves turning it on and off.  He will turn it on…go bounce…come back turn it off and repeat for hours.

Violet’s Favorite Thing:  Violet loves to bounce and be silly on the Moonbounce.  She just loves the spirited fun of it…

Parents Bounceland – Inflatable Pro-Racer Moonbounce Ratings

Educational2 or 10
Fitness9 of 10
Family Play9 of 10
Independent Play5 of 10
Value9 of 10
Overall9 of 10

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