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Rokenbok Power Rok-Lift Review

RokenBlock Power-LiftIf you are looking for a new toy that you can play WITH your kids – the Rokenbok product line is a great one.  The toys are well made, reasonably good instructions, and fun to both put together and play with.  The Power Rok-Lift took about an hour to put together with the 3SillyKids – Warren, Jasper and Violet.  It was both challenging and doable for the kids and all three were able to help despite being younger than the recommended age (6+).   Don’t just take our word for it though – here are the 3SillyKids reviewing Rokenbok Power Rok-Lift…

Recently, 3SillyKids sat down and reviewed the Rokenbok Power Rok-Lift.  To begin – the set had the following features:

  • Modular- interacts with all Rokenbok.  (We haven’t tried this yet but can’t wait as the kids get older)
  • The components snap together and are color coded making it easy to explain to young children how to assemble
  • Worked great for team work – all 3 kids were able to help in assembly
  • Has a motorized lift with bucket
  • Has ramps and different size balls (blue and red) that sort and are fun to watch/play 

The set took about 45-60 minutes to get out of the box and put together. Warren (5), Jasper (4) and Violet (4) all enjoyed the assembly process.    The kids played with the toy for about another 1/2 hour following assembly.  There favorite part was loading the balls, watching the elevator lift them and then dump them down the sorting ramps.

Warren’s (5) Favorite Thing:  Warren was the silliest and setup the construction man underneath Rokenbok Power-Lift Toy Reviewthe bin so that the balls fell on his head…

Jasper’s (4) Favorite Thing:  Jasper really enjoyed putting the batteries in the lift and seeing it lift the balls to the top where it dumps them out.

Violet’s (4) Favorite Thing: Violet did not have a favorite feature.  She mainly seemed to like putting in things other than balls in the bin and watching them get dumped out at the top.

Watch a video of 3SillyKids assembling and playing with Rokenbok Power Rok-Lift

Parents Rokenbok Power Rok-Lift Ratings

Educational9 or 10
Fitness1 of 10
Family Play8 of 10
Independent Play7 of 10
Value9 of 10
Overall9 of 10


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