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Micro Mini Scooter vs Radio Flyer Scooter

If you are interesting in picking the best scooter for your 2 to 6 year old child – this blog is for you.   Warren, Jasper and Violet have first hand experience trying a variety of scooters.  As three kids 5 and under they have put them to the test and know the best models.  3SillyKids tried both and compare the Micro Mini Scooter vs Radio Flyer Scooter. Both scooters target the same age – but they are NOT equal.  Here are some key similarities:

SimilaritiesMini Scooter Toy Reviews
3 Wheel Profile
Foot Break
Plastic Composition

Aside from those similarities – the scooters are quite different.  The Micro-Mini is well made and designed to be smooth and easy for a toddler to learn to ride.  In addition, the smooth nature enables all 3 Sillykids to ride for long distances (2 to 3 miles) without getting tired.  They are easily able to stop at cross walks or street crossings.  In addition, one major advantage of scooters over bikes is that the kids can hop off safely at any time.    Here are some key differences between the Radio Flyer Scooter and the Micro-Mini Scooter.

microkick scooter kid reviewKey Differences
Turning Radius
Material Quality (the wheels are much better on the Micro Mini Scooter)
Color Choices (multiple color selections on the Micro Mini Scooter)
Durability (much higher on the mini-micro)
Weight and ease of learning to ride (significantly easier on the mini-micro scooter)

3SillyKids have tried multiple versions of the three wheel scooters. These are perhaps the most used outdoor toy in our house.

Warren (5) loves the smooth ride and breaking – he also gets pretty good speed on the scooter
Jasper (4) loves taking it a little slower but also loves the smooth rider.  Jasper is the cruiser.
Violet (4) loves the zippy pink scooter.  She zooms in and out of obstacles and picks the scooter as her commuting vehicle when we head to the farmers market.

Watch 3SillyKids demonstrate their Micro-mini Scooters now:

Parent Ratings

Educational4 or 10
Fitness9 of 10
Family Play7 of 10
Independent Play10 of 10
Value9 of 10
Overall10 of 10


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