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MagnaTiles vs. Magformers

magnatiles vs. magformers

Are you trying to decide which is better, Magnatiles vs. Magformers?  Warren, Jasper and Violet have had two sets of MagnaTiles and one set of Magformers for the past 4 years.   They have played with all of them extensively but the MagnaTiles are hands down the favorites.  Whenever they have quite rest or time to play and they pick a toy – 99 times out of 100 they pick the MagnaTiles.  Both sets are great and can be used to build different things.  The primary difference between the two is that Magnatiles are solid tiles while the Magnaformers are essentially a Magnatile with a cutout hole in the middle.  The magnets are a bit stronger on the Magnatiles yet because the tiles are lighter with Magnaformers – construction projects stay together better with the Magformers.

The blocks on the left are the MagnaTiles and the ones on the right are the Magformers. 

In our experience the Magnatiles take on a Jenga like play mode though whereby you are never really sure when they may collapse under their own weight.  This adds to the fun in our opinion.    Strangely, even though the Magformers have a platform whereby you can build on top of wheels and other moving parts – the kids really gravitate more towards the Magnatiles.   Click here to see projects you can build with Magnatiles:

Here is a video of 3SillyKids playing with the MagnaTiles.

Magnatiles vs. Magformer Differences:

MaterialsHigh Quality (solid plastic with magnetic edges)Medium Quality (plastic molding with hollow middle)
ColorsTranslucent colorsTwo Tone (each widget has one color on one side and one color on the other)
PlatformNot aware of anyAbility to build cars on wheels etc.
Magnet StrengthHighMedium
Building StrengthMediumHigh
Age Range2+ (but watch fingers -they can pinch a bit)2+
3 Silly Kids Preference10 out of 106 out of 10
2 Silly Parent Preference9 out of 108 out of 10

These are one of our kids all time favorite toys.  They are expensive but they are long lasting and enable very creative play and team work.  Our kids have built all sorts of things and both my wife and I have been known to play with them as well.  You can build houses, castles, rockets, airports, ramps, roads, etc.  They work great to play with other toys too like stuffed animals or cars!  When the kids were younger they would generally occupy 5 to 10 minutes on their own or 30 to 40 minutes together.  Now the kids are all 4 or 5 years old and they can play with the MagnaTiles or Magformers for more than an hour.   There are no small parts so I don’t think they can be swallowed so they work well even if you have super young kids.

Both also are super easy to store and put away.   They can get wet, clean easy, and very versatile toy! 

Parents Magnatiles Ratings

Educational9 of 10
Fitness2 of 10
Family Play10 of 10
Independent Play10 of 10
Value9 of 10
Overall10 of 10

Magnatiles for 4 year olds




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