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Magna-tiles Toy Review

Magnatiles Toy Review – 

3 Silly Kids Review Magna-Tiles: Warren, Jasper and Violet love Magna-Tiles.  They have played with them since they were 2 or 3 years old.  (note: if your kids are younger than that – the magnets are strong enough to pinch fingers).  We have had two or three sets for years and have seen some amazing creations!

Warren loves: building rocket ships and ramps to launch things
Violet loves: houses for animals (like pingo or her doggy)
Jasper loves: building any structure

Things we have built with Magna-Tiles:3 Silly Kids Toy Review Magna-Tiles

Animal Houses
Chairs (don’t sit on these)


Magna-Tile Kid Toy Ranking:  9 out of 10

What would 3 Silly Kids Change about Magna Tiles: Warren: “I would change them so that they build things by themselves”

3 Silly Kids Parents Review: We love this toy.  It has occupied the kids for hours and they have built some amazing things.  They are able to play together with friends and each other and creatively solve problems.  Plus, if they fight – we can divide the toy in three and they can each play independently with fewer pieces.   This is a great toy to play with your kids and create something together.

Magna-Tile Parent Toy Ranking:

Parents Magnatiles Ratings

Feature Rating
Educational 9 of 10
Fitness 2 of 10
Family Play 10 of 10
Independent Play 10 of 10
Value 9 of 10
Overall 10 of 10

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