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Little Tikes Easy Score Hockey, Soccer, Lacrosse Set Toy Review

Little Tikes Easy Score Review

If you are looking for a review of the Little Tikes Easy Score Soccer, Lacrosse and Hocket set that is written by and for kids – you have come to the right place.   Warren, Jasper and Violet love playing with toys and they love sharing their experience with other kids.

Recently, 3SillyKids sat down and created the Little Tikes Easy Score Hockey, Soccer, Lacrosse Set Toy Review.  To begin – the set came with the following items:

* Net (assembly required)

* Soccer Ball (with pump and needle)

* Hockey Puck and Hockey Sticks (the sticks are interchangeable with the Lacrosse and Hockey parts)

* Lacrosse Ball and Lacrosse Sticks (the heads are interchangeable with the Hockey parts)

The set took about 15 minutes to get out of the box and put together before the kids could really play with the toy.  Once assembled we were able to play with each toy and game.  Warren, Jasper and Violet all helped put the set together and enjoyed unpacking the toy as much as they enjoyed playing with it.  Once the net was assembled (the hardest part) the crew pumped up the soccer ball and got the hockey/lacrosse sticks assembled.

3SillyKids Soccer

We have played soccer before so we played our normal 3SillyKids Soccer.   Rules include:

  • Be Silly
  • 3 on 1 vs. Dad….1 on 1 otherwise
  • First one to score a goal becomes goalie
  • No Crying
  • 3 push-ups if you touch the ball with your hands (when not goalie)
  • No Stealing the Soccer Goal

3SillyKids haven’t created rules for Lacrosse or Hockey yet…so stay tuned. 

Warren, Jasper and Violet enjoyed playing each sport and had a good time.   The kids played with the toy for about an hour total and then we took everything home.  The net was a bit difficult to break down to fit in the car and we haven’t set it up again yet…but I am sure we will!

Warren’s (5) Favorite Thing:  Warren loved pumping up the soccer ball and using the pump.Little Tikes Easy Score Hockey Soccer LaCross with net


Jasper’s (4) Favorite Thing:  Jasper loved that the Lacrosse and Hockey heads didn’t quite snap in on the stick so that when he swung them the head went flying (Dad didn’t love this part…)

Violet’s (4) Favorite Thing: Violet really liked playing both Hockey and Lacrosse with the set.



Watch a video of 3SillyKids assembling and playing with Little Tikes Easy Score

Parents Little Tikes Easy Score Ratings

Educational6 or 10
Fitness9 of 10
Family Play9 of 10
Independent Play3 of 10
Value9 of 10
Overall8 of 10

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