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Do Dads like Magnatiles?

Magnatiles Father

If you are a dad or a father and you want to know if Magnatiles are the RIGHT toy for your kid(s) then you have come to the correct place.  As a father of 3, Magnatiles are great.  Even at a very young age (2) the kids were able to play with them independently or with me.   It started as an infant drooling in front of me and chewing on the tiles, while I relived my childhood and built what I always wanted to build as a kid.   First there was a castle – then it was a better castle.  Then a castle with a draw bridge.  Next it had some turrets…you get the idea.

As the kids got older, we could play together.  We would take turns of placing a tile and seeing what we built.   Usually, it was a castle.  Then it was a rocket ship.  Then it was a launch pad, a house, a road, a bridge etc.  A slow Saturday – waiting for mom to return would pass with a fun activity of playing with Magnatiles.

Now, the kids play by themselves.  Check out 3SillyKids playing with Magnatiles below.  The original footage was over 45 minutes of independent play with no resulting biting, kicking…although a bit of screaming and frustration!

Ultimately, as a dad – Magnatiles are one of my personal all time favorite toys.  They are great for independent play and for building things and they are fun to knock down at the end.  Eventually, we will probably move on to legos – but until the kids are ready – this is a great starter!

Educational9 of 10
Fitness2 of 10
Family Play10 of 10
Independent Play10 of 10
Value9 of 10
Overall10 of 10


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