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3SillyKids Review Little Tikes Easy Score Lacrosse vs. Basketball

EasyScore Lacrosse vs. Basketball

Little Tikes Easy Score Lacrosse vs. Basketball

Basketball vs. Soccer










If you are trying to decide between buying the Little Tikes Easy Score basketball set vs. the Hockey, Soccer, Lacrosse set you have come to the right place…   3SillyKids – Warren, Jasper & Violet – were looking for a an entrepreneurial project to do with their Dad and came up with a Toy Review site and SillyKids club.  Each week we write, record, and edit a toy review or special project inspired and led by the 3SillyKids.  The goal is for parents and kids to get real information about each toy on how kids ACTUALLY use, play, and enjoy various toys.  We rate the toys on factors such educational impact, exercise impact, ability to play independently or ability to play with the whole family and try to provide multiple perspectives of parents a 5 and 4 year old boy and a 4 year old girl.

This week we are comparing two toys that have received a lot of wear and tear in our house – the EasyScore basketball and Hockey, Lacrosse and Soccer set.  Both have been around and used by all three kids for a couple of years.  The basketball hoop and set is strangely a great indoor toy.  The hoop raises over time allowing for multiple years of use and the small basketball set is easy for small hands to handle.  On a rainy day or when looking to pass 5 to 10 minutes of time – the LittleTikes Basketball hoop has been solid.  All three kids (and Dad) are able to play simultaneously and we have practiced basic shooting, a little dribbling, and mostly passing with the kids.   Assembly is quick and easy (5 minutes) and the toy is durable.

The LittleTikes Hockey, Lacrosse and Soccer set definitely has more depth and attention span for the kids but seems to be better for slightly older kids.   Check out the video of the full review of the multi-use sports toy!

3SillyKids Video Review of LittleTikes Easy Score Lacrosse, Soccer, and Hockey Set

As you can see the kids had a great time with the toy and it occupied the kids for about an hour no problem.  They have subsequently setup and played with the various components in the backyard multiple times.

Warren’s (5) Favorite Thing:  Warren loved pumping up the soccer ball and using the pump.

Jasper’s (4) Favorite Thing:  Jasper loved that the Lacrosse and Hockey heads didn’t quite snap in on the stick so that when he swung them the head went flying (Dad didn’t love this part…)

Violet’s (4) Favorite Thing: Violet really liked playing both Hockey and Lacrosse with the set.

Overall Ratings of both EasyScore Basketball and EasyScore Soccer

FeatureLacrosse Set RatingBasketball Set Rating
Educational6 or 105 of 10
Fitness9 of 106 of 10
Family Play9 of 107 of 10
Independent Play3 of 109 of 10
Value9 of 109 of 10
Overall8 of 108 of 10

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