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3SillyKids – Club

Welcome to the 3SillyKids Kids Club – A weekly for kids by kids Activity Club. Kids Weekly Activity Club

Our club is very special.  In order to join the club – You MUST be invited by another 3SillyKids Club member.  Once your in – you are going to have a A LOT of fun!

Every 3SillyKids Club member gets:

  • Weekly Projects and Silly Information
  • Information on Books we are reading
  • Silly Videos of Warren, Jasper and Violet
  • Access to post your own Silly Videos and information
  • Ability to download and print your own 3SillyKids Club Membership Cards
  • 3 special cards to invite other silly kids to the Club!

So, What is 3SILLYKIDS CLUB?   3SillyKids, Warren (5), Jasper (4) and Violet (4) started the blog in 2015.   As part of that, they wanted to have a special club where kids could get weekly fun things e-mailed to them.  Of course, parents are involved, but each week activities, book recommendations, silly videos, and more are inspired, produced, and selected by the 3SillyKids!    Whether it be a themed scavenger hunt, a rainy day activity, paper airplane kit, or DIY card game – Warren, Jasper and Violet are passionate about good clean fun that doesn’t rely on TV or computer games to entertain the kids.  Instead, 3SillyKids creates custom ideas, games, and activities that we hope your kids will enjoy as much as we do.

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